The Team

We, the Gauder family, are the team.

Josef and Petronella Gauder with their two sons, Thomas and Jürgen, celebrated the groundbreaking on 17 April, 1970 and founded Camping Erbenwald. Josef Gauder continued to run and extend the campsite until 1993. He then placed the management of the campsite in the capable hands of his son, Thomas Gauder. Since then Thomas Gauder has been running the site with his family.

Who are we actually?

Thomas, the boss

The ideal boss. From childhood onwards, he was trained and moulded by his father with the ambitious aim of him managing Camping Erbenwald at a later date. Despite all this, he first began an apprenticeship to become a chef and completed it with flying colours. Due to the failing health of his father, he had to take over managing Camping Erbenwald sooner than expected – and he’s been making a good job of this ever since. He takes care of the managerial side, but is always willing to pitch in and help.

Stephanie, the lady boss

Stephanie is an excellent listener and loves to be amongst people. A cheerful, happy person that you cannot help liking. She brings glamour and creativity to the office.

Alex, the junior boss

Alex is our “public face”, organising marketing campaigns and responsible for all our public relations work. He is the ideal person to contact on questions of organisation and future development. Alexander, too, grew up with Camping Erbenwald and knows the ins and outs of how it works. It is his aim and ambition to follow in his father’s footsteps in the near future. Camping Erbenwald should remain a family business, giving guests that homely feeling while on holiday.

Alex is a qualified industrial machinist and gained additional qualifications by successfully completing a course in Campsite and Holiday Park Management parallel to his job.

Conny, the handyman

Our practical Mr Fix-It. He has been with us longer than anyone else and is a highly regarded member of our team. He makes sure that you can enjoy your holiday at a beautiful and well-kept site. He is our expert for all repair and maintenance jobs and also takes care of all the gardening work.

Conny, our receptionist

When guests arrive at Camping Erbenwald, Conny is there to give them a warm and friendly welcome. She has a sympathetic ear for everyone, and, and, and…

Meike, the cleaner

Meike keeps everything spick and span and has always got a good story to tell…

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